FORENSIC SERVICES currently provided:

Treating and guiding clients for attorneys including out-patient therapy sessions pre-trial, pre-incarceration and during incarceration in detention centers in Miami. 

Treating clients for Diversion Programs and as a condition of Probation including reporting.

Therapy and management of clients undergoing divorce for Family Law attorneys.

Psychological Evaluations include evaluations for Dangerousness, Risk of Recidivism, Substance Use Disorders, Psychosexual Disorders, Competency, Sanity, Mitigation, Malingering and Testamentary Capacity.  Independent Medical Evaluations are conducted in Civil Cases.  All evaluations contain personality profiles, diagnoses and treatment recommendations. 

Expert Witness Testimony - Circuit and Federal Courts (Attorney References and List of Testimony furnished upon request).  Qualified as an Expert in Psychology and Forensic Psychology in every Court attended as Expert Witness.


CLINICAL SERVICES currently provided:

Individual Psychotherapy, Adolescents and Adults, and Couples Therapy services are provided in office, via Skype, Face Time, or Concierge.