July, 1998                  

“Ethics, Sexual Orientation and Racial Sensitivity”

Presented to the Florida Conference of County Court Judges.


March, 1998               

“The Criminal Mind”    

Presented to the Mystery Writers' of Florida Conference - Ft. Lauderdale.


May, 1997                  

“Assessing Competencies”

Presented to the Advanced College of  Judicial Studies - Florida.


February, 1996           

“Eyewitness Testimony.”

Presented to the Dade County Ins of Court.


April, 1995                

“Ultimate Stress Management for Attorneys.”

Presented to the North Dade Bar Association.


February, 1995          

“Children, the Silent Victims of Domestic Violence.”

Presented with the Honorable Cindy Lederman to the Florida Association of Women Lawyers and the National Association of Women Lawyers.


November, 1994        

“Lawyers and Psychologists: Partners in Case Resolution.”

Presented with Amy Agnoli, Esq., to the Florida Academy of Trial Lawyers.


March, 1994              

“The Expert Evaluation in Child Custody Cases.”

Presented to the Dade County Inns of Court.


December, 1993         

“Are You Running Your Life, or Is Your Life Running You?:

Stress Management for Attorneys. Published in the Florida Law Commentator, Vol. XIX, No. 2.


March, 1992               

“Defense Techniques in Child Battery Cases.”

Presented with A.J. Goodman, Esq., to the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.


October, 1992           

“Interviewing Techniques.”

Presented to the Judicial Nominating Committee of Dade County.


November, 1991      

“Expert Witness Testimony.”

Presented to the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar Association.